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Extreme Outdoor League
The Evolution of 4x4 & Off-Road Adventure

We are a specialist organization that is busy re-shaping the way that 4x4 competitions are held. In the spirit of setting an example for high standard in the way the 4x4 industry is conducted, we have gone out of our way to create a program which caters for a completely new dimension in the world of off-roading. Growing every step of the way with all our participants, we continually improve and develop the way our competitions are done, resulting in a system which has never been seen before.

The Extreme Outdoor League runs a year-long 4x4 competition which takes place on a monthly basis, each one taking place at a different venue. Each month brings forth new challenges and new adventures and we try to bring forth something new every time. Participants can enter in the beginning of each year into the year-long league and will then participate every month (non compulsory) in order to gain & maintain their standing in the year’s listings. At the end of the year, participants from both long-wheel & short-wheel base vehicles will have a chance to battle it out in a grand finale which will determine the year’s champion and winner of the Extreme Outdoor League King prize. Other prizes can also be won.

What makes our setup uinique is simply that at any stage during the year, new participants are allowed to join, and will start at 0. Even those that are simply in the area and want to take part in one of the events are more than welcome. Each event has an entry fee per vehicle and there is no commitment at the beginning of the year.

Apart from the competitions, we facilitate epic 4x4 adventure tours into Africa. Having access to National Tourist Guides, whilst also being accredited 4x4 Driver Trainers, we have your back and can take you to explore and learn about Africa and your vehicle safely whilst having an incredible adventure at the same time, making for an unforgettable experience.


The perfect synergy of great adventures, epic 4x4 competitions, knowledge about vehicles &
4x4 principles along with great friendships and unforgettable times.