About Us

Extreme Outdoor League was founded by three men that saw the need for change in the 4x4 industry. Having realized that the general 4x4 enthusiast is often looking for new ways & places in which to get to know his/her vehicle better, they came together and decided to join their skills & knowledge in bringing forth a new dimension to the world of 4x4 – and so, the Extreme Outdoor League was founded.

Being passionate about the sport and industry, all three of us aim to bring a fun, unique and challenging competition to our participants in the league. We hope to be able to set a standard for 4x4 in South Africa and we have gone to great lengths to ensure that all our participants & competitors walk away every day having learnt something new about the game of 4x4.


About our Founders


Mark R. Frazer - Nostophobic AdventuresMark R. Frazer

Nostophobic Adventures

Mark is National Tourist guide that is experienced in various forms of Tourism, of which a large form takes place in a nature, overland & 4x4 format. Having taken countless tours with guests into Africa, he has been faced with quite a few very unique scenarios & has a few tales to tell from his experience in touring Africa. Apart from this, he specializes in teaching other Field & Overland guides in accredited 4x4 training relevant to the Dangerous Game & Natural environment in which the operate.

Having trained hundreds of people in the art of 4x4 driver training, he has your & the safety of your vehicle at heart whenever we go off-road. Mark’s passion is to explore Africa and the entire world, taking people from all over the world to see sites ranging from the most unspoilt areas of nature, to the multi-cultural cities of Southern Africa such as Cape Town and much more.


Nostophobic AdventuresNostophobic Adventures

The word ‘Nostophobic’ means the intense fear of going home. Quite aptly named, the company has a diverse approach when it comes to tourism, adventures, training and other activities. We facilitate any type of tour, adventure and training course, if you can think it, we can do it.

Be sure to find out more about Nostophobic Adventures on our company’s website & contact us to book your next trip, wherever you would like to go.

Okkie Van Wyk - Maranata 4x4Okkie Van Wyk

Maranata 4x4

Okkie is a veteran traveller and he has immense passion for the African Bush & all within it. He thoroughly enjoys taking his 4x4 to any seemingly unreachable destination and certainly knows what needs to be done in any emergency situation in 4x4 driving.

Having spent many years being involved & facilitating 4x4 related competitions and events as well as being one of the owners of Maranata 4x4 & Outdoor Fitment Centre, he plays an important role in helping you to understand what you need in your vehicle to get the most benefit out of it, while protecting it as best you can for the tough conditions that your vehicle is. He is most certainly the guy that always has a big and friendly smile on his face and one can’t help but laugh with him.


Maranata 4x4 & Outdoor Fitment centreMaranata 4x4 & Outdoor Fitment centre

Literally a one-stop-shop for all your camping, outdoor, 4x4 & vehicle fitment needs. Maranata 4x4 & Outdoor Fitment centre can help you from giving advice on the various products available to you on the market, along with fitting your new parts to your 4x4 & advising you on how to use them. The company’s work is impeccable when it comes to fitment standard and we pride ourselves in giving your vehicle the best possible fitment to ensure your safety & the aesthetics of your car.

To find out more about what we do, be sure to have a look at the company’s website & if you are in Middelburg, stop by our shop to have a chat to one of the helpful members of the team.

Andre De Clerk - Low Range 4x4 AcademyAndre De Clerk

Low Range 4x4 Academy

Andre has been involved in the 4x4 training & competition field for as long as he can remember. 4x4 has & will always be his favourite pastime and he prides himself in training people to the best of his ability, ensuring that they understand all the various aspects of how their vehicle works, along with giving them the proper knowledge & skill to take their vehicle anywhere, confidently. He has an extensive amount of mechanical experience and a long-standing reputation in 4x4 Event organization & Facilitation.


Low Range 4x4 AcademyLow Range 4x4 Academy

Low Range 4x4 Academy was established to address the ongoing need for 4-wheel drive owners to possess the necessary skills & confidence to operate their vehicles safely, effectively and without harm to the vehicle or the environment.

With combined experience of over 50 years in the industry, the Low Range team is fully capable & able to meet any need or demand you require related to our industry. Low Range 4x4 Academy & all its Assessors / Moderators are Accredited with the Transport Education Seta – TETA.